Working together, we can Revitalize the Valley

Economy and Natural Resources

West Virginia is blessed with abundant natural resources and wonderful hard working people.  These are the keys to our economic engine.  I believe in our community and I have confidence that our best days are ahead of us and with the right leadership, greatness is on the horizon. 

We can become a thriving economic center again.  To reach our valley’s potential we must protect and promote our natural resources industry so that it can be the engine driving the economic revitalization of our state and country.
We must also improve our governmental environment -- in the crucial areas of taxation, regulation and innovation -- where the businesses we have can grow and new businesses have confidence to invest in our Valley. 
I have a vision for this valley, a vision of greatness. Working together as a community, this greatness can be achieved.


For too long, priorities have been misplaced, causing education to take a back seat to bureaucracy. We must provide children with the foundation they need to succeed in an increasingly global economy.  These skills, and a solid foundation, provide the crucial piece of infrastructure that job creators seek when determining where to locate their businesses. 
If elected, I will always work to empower students, their families and their teachers. I will never succumb to special interest groups or their agendas that distract from the goal and will always vote to give schools the flexibility they need to make our kids' success the priority.


Families in our valley face many challenges.  One of the toughest of these is drug use.  Our community has too many families with one or more parents addicted to drugs. This is a deep seeded problem that has many root causes, but none greater than the atrophy of pride that comes from a declining economy.

To begin eliminating this problem, we must first reduce the amount of people who become addicted through awareness and education.  Then, we must stand by those who have become addicted and provide them support through the recovery process.  Finally, we must create a diverse and vibrant economy that ensures pride inducing employment to every citizen that seeks it.  It is here, by providing those recovering with the hope that better days are ahead, that we can stem the tide of this problem and begin to heal the wounds that it has inflicted.